Universitas Respati Indonesia are universities that have courses seed in the field of health, namely Midwifery DIII and DIV, Nursing S1, S1 Public Health, Master of Public Health (Kes), Master of Hospital Administration (MARS). In addition to the course we also have the Faculty of Information Technology, Economics, Business Administration Sciences, Agriculture and Master of Management with a specialization in management Audit SII, SII Master Program Administration with Specialisation in Agri Business Administration.

Still within the scope of the Foundation for Education and Culture Respati, we also develop and establish also the College of Health (STIKES) Respati Yogyakarta with courses in Midwifery DIII and DIV, Nursing DIV and SI (For SDM abroad), Public Health SI and Nutritional Sciences SI and the College of Information Technology SI, SI Information Systems, Information Management DIII, computerized DIII. Likewise, we established STIKES in Tasikmalaya Tasikmalaya Program DIII Midwifery Studies, and Public Health SI (Accredited).


The formation of the foundation of education and culture “Respati” was established by deed of notary Imas Fatimah, SH, No. 28, 1978 dated October 16, 1978 Karbela addressed at Jalan Barat No. 11 Rubber Setia Budi, South Jakarta, Tel. (021) 525-3687 / 520-1872 with board members as follows:

1. Drs. H. Widodo Suparno, and Chairman / Chairman concurrently member

2. Ny. Hj. Mugiarti R. Joyosubroto, treasurer and member

3. Sugeng Pranoto, as a member

while the board of trustees from 2004 s.d. 2007 is as follows:

Chairman: Mrs. Hj. Widodo Mugiarti

Secretary: Toni Sugiarso, SE, M.Kom

Treasurer: Dra. Suparmi Hartayo M.Kes


The dictionary meaning of the name respati Java “Purwodarminto” then the word “respati” has three penegertian, namely:

1. Businesses pleasing to the public

2. Confident Haqkul

3. Name Thursday

By Literally, the name “Respati” from “Ngeresepake Ati” (the ancient Javanese) which means that sincere devotion is Haqkul sure the sake of interests of the nation.

by decree of foundation of education and culture respati no. 01 / Kep-YR / 86-dated June 2, 1987 formed the Universitas Respati Indonesia to obtain permission from the Ministry of Education and Culture through letter no. 1668 / D / D / 1984 dated August 19, 1986.

Thus Universitas Respati Indonesia (URINDO) was officially established in 1986 that embryo bakalnya began with the founding of the Academy of Management Respati Indonesia (AMRINDO) which in 1982 stood at Universitas Respati Indonesia Under the auspices of the Education and Culture Respatiyang founded by Drs. Widodo H. and Mrs. Hj. Mugiarti and assisted by Mr. Sugeng Pranoto.

Respati name comes from Sanskrit (Javanese) that have meaning and significance Respati = NGERESEPAKE ATI in the Indonesian language Seep Into the Heart of the most deeply. So expect all the activities carried out would thus like meaning.

Respati by the Education Foundation and will be pleasing in the sense that qualified graduates (Smart, Useful for Religion, Nusa and the Nation) participated in the independence of our beloved country.

Education system is directed, education bureaucracy that is not convoluted, and the management of facilities and infrastructure steady so that everything will go according to the wishes and goals refer to the national education system stipulated in Law no. 2 in 1989 and the last of Law no. 20 2003 based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution Article 31.

After the erection of buildings in Keramat Jati, East Jakarta as well as expand its network in Jalan H. Ipin no. 10 Pondok Labu, South Jakarta, since May 1998 Universitas Respati Indonesia (URINDO) occupies a new building in Jalan Bambu Apus I no. 3 Cipayung, East Jakarta 1998/1999 Academic entire academic activities were transferred to the new building.